Diapering and Change Tables


Diapering change tables

  • Change tables should only be used for changing diapers.
  • Change tables should have a smooth, non-absorbent and easy to clean surface.
  • The change pad should be non-absorbent and easy to clean.
  • The change table should have a raised edge to prevent a child from falling off.
  • Change table should be next to a sink with running water and hand washing supplies.

Recommended procedure for diapering a child

  1. Organize the supplies within reach 
    1. Fresh diaper and clean clothes, if necessary
    2. Dampened paper towels or premoistened towelettes for cleaning child’s bottom
    3. Child’s personal, labeled ointment, if provided by parents
    4. Plastic lined garbage container with lid 
  2. Lay the child on diapering table. 
  3. Remove soiled diaper and soiled clothes. 
  4. Put disposable diaper in the plastic-lined garbage container with lid. 
  5. Put soiled reusable diaper and/or soiled clothes without rinsing in a plastic bag to give to parents.
  6. Clean child’s bottom with a premoistened disposable towelette or a dampened, single use, disposable towel. 
  7. Place the soiled towelette or towel in a plastic lined garbage container with lid. 
  8. Wash your hands. NOTE: The diapering table should be next to a sink with running water so you can wash your hands without leaving the diapered child unattended. If a sink is not within reach of the diapering table, do not leave child unattended on the diapering table to go to a sink; wipe your hands with a premoistened towelette instead. Never leave a child alone on the diapering table.
  9. Wash the child’s hands. 
  10. Diaper and dress the child. 
  11. Return the child to the activity area.
  12. Clean and disinfect (intermediate level disinfection):
    1. The diapering area;
    2. All equipment or supplies that were touched; and
    3. Soiled crib or cot, if needed. 
  13. Wash your hands under running water.

Download the "Recommended Procedure for Diaper Changing" poster
Download a disinfection chart.