Handling laundry in a safe and cautious way helps reduce the spread of infections and illnesses. Use caution when handling laundry in your child care facility. All laundry that is soiled with blood, body fluids, urine, stool or contaminated with lice or scabies should be handled using the same precautions.

Tips for handling laundry

  • Handle all laundry with a minimum of agitation and shaking.
  • Do not rinse clothing soiled with fecal matter. Solid stool may be carefully emptied in to the toilet and then the clothes should be placed in a sealed plastic bag for pick up by the parents.
  • Use of a commercial laundry detergent with household bleach and a normal machine wash and machine dry are sufficient to clean soiled linen in the child care facility.
  • Laundry that may have been in contact with head lice and scabies should be washed with hot water, or use the hot air cycle on the dryer for a minimum of 20 minutes.
  • Use household bleach as an option at a 100ppm concentration to disinfect laundry. 
    • 2mL of bleach to every 1L of water= 100ppm
    • ½ tsp bleach to every 4 cups water= 100 ppm
  • Launder bedding once a week.
  • Wash your hands after handling dirty linen.