Pest Control

Univited "guests" sometimes show up at child care facilities from time to time. These guests (rodents and insects) are attracted to child care centres for the food left behind from inadequate cleaning. Proper food storage practices and garbage handling will help prevent rodent and insect infestations.

Tips to keep pests away

  • Screen all doors and windows.
  • Rotate food stocks.
  • Clean all food spills immediately.
  • Store food products in insect and rodent proof containers, e.g., glass, plastic or metal container with tight fitting lid. This also includes sensory items such as dry pasta.
  • Keep all food products off the floor.
  • Remove garbage daily.
  • If an infestation occurs, hire a licensed pest control operator. Arrange a time to spray, etc. when children are not present.
  • Ask Pest Control Operator about the treatment process so you know:
    • What it is for
    • What chemical is being used
    • What precautions need to be taken