Returning to normal after power outage


Listen for media reports and watch for notifications from Public Health during a power outage. In Oxford County, emergency updates can be found on radio on Heart FM 104.7, CKOT Easy 101, Greatest Hits 103.9 FM, Hope FM 94.3, and on the websites and Twitter pages for the Woodstock Sentinel Review and the Tillsonburg News.

When the power is out

  • Watch for media reports from Oxford County that outline how to dispose of food. Small volumes of food may be discarded at the curbside for municipal garbage pick-up. Large volumes of food may need a disposal company for transportation to the landfill.

When power is restored 

  • Assess the safety of potentially hazardous foods. Refer to the fact sheet What do I save and shat do I throw away
  • Ensure that all equipment is functioning properly:
  • Refrigeration (less than 4°C/40°F)
  • Hot holding units
  • Dishwashers
  • Ventilation systems
  • Lighting
  • Hot water heater
  • Clean and sanitize all food contact surfaces before resuming normal activities.
  • Drain and refill hot water tanks if the temperature of the water delivered to the faucet has dropped below 45°C/120°F.

Instructions for private water supply (Facilities designated under Ontario Regulation 170/03 – Drinking Water Systems)

  • If you think that your water system has been affected by a loss of pressure during the power outage (odour, colour change, sputtering, contact the Ministry of the Environment Spills Action Centre at 1-800-268-6060 before using the water for drinking or food preparation.
  • If the power outage has not affected your water system, increase the chlorine residual (if applicable) to 0.2 ppm and flush the system until the increased residual is detected at the farthest point in the distribution system. Obtain a water sample for bacteriological analysis. You may continue to use the water for drinking and food preparation.