Returning to normal after a water disruption


Returning to normal operation after a water disruption in a child care centre

In the event of water interruption, listen for media reports and watch for notifications from Public Health during a power outage. In Oxford County, emergency updates can be found on radio on Heart FM 104.7, CKOT Easy 101, Greatest Hits 103.9 FM, Hope FM 94.3, and on the websites and Twitter pages for the Woodstock Sentinel Review and the Tillsonburg News. In some situations, an interruption in water supply may lead to a Boil Water Advisory once the water supply returns.

Important: If your water has been interrupted, even for a short time, you should confirm the safety of the water supply with the water utility or Oxford County Public Health before resuming use. It is the responsibility of the facility operator to ensure that normal operations can be resumed without compromising safety.

When water is restored:

Flush pipes and faucets. Generally, run the faucets for at least one minute before use. Be sure to watch for media reports from the water utility or Public Health with any special directions.

  • Flush, clean and sanitize all equipment connected to the water system, according to manufacturer instructions.
  • If applicable: Run water softeners through a regeneration cycle. Consult with the manufacturer for direction on how to restart water treatment systems.
  • Drain and refill hot water tanks set below 45°C/120°F. (The standard temperature setting is 60°C/140°F.)
  • Drain water reservoirs in large buildings in consultation with the facility engineer.

For more information or assistance in planning for, or responding to a water disruption, contact Oxford County Public Health and Emergency Services at 519.539.9800 or 1.800.755.0394.