Healthy Living

We want to see children in Oxford County learn and grow to their fullest potential while staying healthy and safe. This section contains useful tips, tools and resources to promote a healthy lifestyle for children while in a child care centre or at home.

Healthy living resources

Physical activity

This resource provides physical activity guidelines for children of all ages and resources to information on the importance of physical activity for growth, development and movement skills.

Car seat checks

This resource is to make sure your child gets safely from location to location. Find out information on shopping for car seats, infant car seats, convertible car seats and booster seats.

Child health professionals

This is a resource for child and youth professionals to find information on child safety, growth and development. Information on child dental health, immunizations and nutrition is also available here.

Dental health

This resource provides information on basic dental health for children, where to go for emergency dental care, teeth cleaning and dental health education.

Injury prevention

This resource is a useful tool to find out what injuries can be avoided. Find out information on safer surroundings, car seat safety, passenger seat safety and much more for parents and caregivers.

Pregnancy and baby information 

If you are thinking about getting pregnant, already pregnant or just had a baby this resource will help make sure your baby stays healthy. Visit the Oxford County Public Health website for resources on nutrition, breastfeeding and support clinics.