An “outbreak” is the occurrence of more cases of disease than normally expected within a specific place or group of people over a given period of time.

Why is it important to investigate outbreaks?

Investigation of outbreaks is necessary to understand and ultimately control and prevent the spread of diseases. It is important when the disease in question is particularly severe or high rates of transmission.

What is your responsibility during an outbreak?

If an outbreak is identified in your childcare facility, Oxford County Public Health will guide you through your next steps to manage the outbreak. We will be in daily communication with you and be available to direct and support you and your staff during the outbreak.

If you have any questions about an outbreak or think that there may be an outbreak in your facility, please contact Oxford County Public Health.

Exclusion of children- when to exclude children from child care centres
Routine illness surveillance
Management of diarrhea and vomiting during an outbreak
Management of respiratory illness during an outbreak
Hand hygiene
Environmental cleaning - proper techniques and practices 


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