Management of Diarrhea and Vomiting During an Outbreak


Diarrhea is an increase in number of bowel movements and a change of stool consistency from a child’s normal pattern. Diarrhea stools are liquid and have no shape or form.

What to do

If a child has diarrhea with blood in it, call the child’s parents, guardian or emergency contact and advise parents that the child should be seen by a doctor immediately.

  • Monitor bowel movements of all children for daily changes during diapering and after toiletting.
  • Record episodes of loose or watery stools, which are not normal for that child, in the Illness Surveillance Form.
  • Notify the parents if the child has two or more episodes of diarrhea or vomiting during one day. Advise parent that the child cannot return to the childcare centre until the diarrhea or vomiting has stopped for 48 hours or following your childcare policy.
  • Separate a child that has diarrhea or vomiting from other well children and call the parent to pick up the child as soon as possible.


Staff must wash their hands after caring for an ill child.

Call Oxford County Public Health at 519-539-9800 if there is a concerning number of ill children at the child care centre.