Field Trips

Field trips can be very exciting for children and child care staff as well. Keeping children safe during outings away from the facility is very important.

Tips for field trips

  • Ensure you have a field trip policy/set of procedures to follow before embarking on a field trip (including parental notifcation etc.)
  • Advance planning for field trips is the key to a safe and enjoyable trip.
  • Visit the field trip location before the actual trip to anticipate any potential risks for children.
  • Trips to a petting zoo, animal farm or aviary are considered high risk for young children.
  • When hand washing isn't possible, alternative hand hygiene supplies should be available (disposable wipes and/or alcohol hand santizer).
  • Ensure there are sufficient staff members and volunteers to supervise the children's activities.
  • Ensure the same principles for food and nutrition apply when away from the child care facility.
  • Children will be counted before leaving the child care, during the field trip, and again at the time of
    departure for return to the child care to ensure that all children are accounted for.
  • At least one staff member should have a cell phone in case of emergency on all off-site activities.
  • A specific caregiver will be assigned to each group of children.
  • A staff member will always accompany children to a public restroom.
  • All children will wear identifying information that gives the facility’s name and phone number.