Human Biting Incidents

Biting incidents occur in child care centres from time to time. Aside from the behavioural implications, there is a risk of infection if the skin is broken. 

Transmission of bloodborne infections, such as hepatitis B, is also a concern if the skin is broken; however, the transmission of HIV is unlikely.

Report a bite that breaks the skin to Oxford County Public Health at 519.539.9800 or 1.800.755.0394.

Treating human bites

  • Clean the wound with soap and water.
  • Check child’s tetanus vaccination records.
  • Document the biting incident.
  • Inform both children’s parents about the biting.
  • If a skin break occurs and parents are concerned about hepatitis B, recommend that the child be taken to a doctor.
  • Parents should be consulted about their child’s biting behavior if it is repeated.
  • Parents can also call Oxford County Public Health for further information.

Quick Reference

Biting isn't likely to transmit bloodborne infections like hepatitis B

Report bites that break the skin to Oxford County Public Health: 519-539-9800 or 1-800-755-0394.