Safe Water


Water Flushing Requirements - Ontario Regulation 243/7

In July 2007, the Ministry of Environment changed the requirements for water flushing in public and private schools and child care facilities. The new regulation stringently addresses the possible exposure of children to lead in drinking water when older plumbing and water pipes are present. These new flushing requirements, now in effect, are summarized below:

Daily Flushing: Plumbing in premises built before 1990 must be flushed daily.

Weekly Flushing: Plumbing in premises built on or after 1990 must be flushed on the first day of each week.

Flushing Methods

  • Flushing must be completed before the premise opens for the day.
  • Turn on cold water for five minutes at the last tap on each brand/run of pipe (do not remove aerator if present).
  • Filters or other treatment devices installed on or near the tap must be bypassed during flushing if practical to do so.
  • After the five minute flushing is completed, all drinking fountains and other taps used for drinking purposes must be flushed for ten seconds (do not remove aerator if present.)
  • A record of each flush must be kept including date, time and person performing the flush.
If any part of the building was constructed before 1990, daily flushing is required.

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