Boil Water Advisory

Oxford County Public Health issues a Boil Water Advisory when tests reveal bacterial contamination of the water supply. We recommend residents bring their water to a boil and boil it for one full minute before using it. This includes water used to:
  • Drink
  • Clean fruit and vegetables
  • Make baby food and formula
  • Make ice, juice, puddings and other mixes
  • Brush teeth
  • Any activity in which children may drink or swallow the water, such as bathing. Bottled water can also be used.

Adults, teens and older children can use water that has not been boiled for baths and showers. Small children can be given sponge baths.

Public Health recommends that people seek medical attention right away if they are experiencing diarrhea. For further information relating to this boil water advisory or information on well water safety please call the health unit at 519539-9800 or toll-free 1-800-755-0394.

For more information, see the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care’s information sheet, 
How to Use Water Safely During a "Boil Water Advisory."